Monday, 1/22/18

5f79ff2e72b6ca4cd4371c2928efa0aeFor time:

21 body-weight back squats

7 rope climbs

15 body-weight back squats

5 rope climbs

9 body-weight back squats

3 rope climbs



2nd/3rd trimester:

-Lighten the load below body-weight/air squats

-lay to stand modification for rope climbs, start with a  3:1 ratio and decrease the ratio as needed. If you do not have access to a rope then you can swap the movement out for ring rows with a ratio of 3:1 (3 ring rows = 1 rope climb)

Friday, 1/19/18



Wod: With a 12min clock:

1 minute of max squat cleans 135/95

1 minute of push-jerks

2 minutes of squat cleans

2 minutes of push-jerks

3 minutes of squat cleans

3 minutes of push-jerks

*max effort for each



2nd/3rd trimesters

-lighten the weight and focus on form.

-You can always switch out the barbell for DBs

-power cleans vs. squat and start from the hang position