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31 years old, mother of 2 and no rookie to the fitness world. I started as a personal trainer in 2009, working at a 24hr Fitness gym. In 2011 I found Crossfit and never looked back. I love how it is constantly varied-I get bored easily so that fact that every day is something different and I didn’t have to spend hours on a treadmill to do my cardio was a win for me. In 2012 I got my level 1 certification and started coaching at a local gym.  A few short months later I was pregnant with our first and determined to keep working out during my entire pregnancy. Everything was so new to me, the resources available at the time felt very limited and I definitely felt like it was a learn as you go type of thing. It really is all about listening to your body. Some days I felt amazing! Other days I just wanted to move. Our first was born naturally in August 2013 and from there it was a whole new world! That next “season” I went to regionals on a IMG_3674team in the Mid-Atlantic, then decided I wanted to do my first NPC Bikini competition. I placed 3rd overall and 2nd in my division qualifying for National level, but by that time my team was gearing up for the next season so my goals changed from being super lean to “get strong”. My team made it to regionals again, but this time they were “super-regionals”. I love that during all of this my daughter sits by and watches, she is growing up in a fit environment. From week one out of the hospital she has been at the gym, around loud music. Barbells hitting the floor put her to sleep every time. Now fast forward, I have an additional little one, almost 1 year old, born via c-section, I have a level 2 certification and my passion to help others in their fitness journey has only grown. My second pregnancy was completely different, both good and bad, but I also felt like a veteran working out while pregnant. My goal here is to help be a resource for those who are pregnant, post-partum or not even pregnant, doesn’t matter, better themselves. I hope that as you get to know Christy and I, you will feel comfortable to ask anything!


34 years old, mother of two little girls, former stranger to the fitness world. I have always struggled with my weight and with my body image. I’ve been overweight, I’ve been freakishly underweight. I’ve tried every diet you can imagine. I’m that person that sniffs a donut and gains 5lbs but on the other hand can lose weight pretty easily if I focus on img_0243what needs to be done. College was where I first actually started working out. I was a cardio queen, run for 30 minutes, elliptical for 30 minutes, gossip and flirt with some boys for 30 minutes, but no touching weights. That was my go-to work out. I was thin, but a strong gust of wind could knock me over. Fast forward to 2011, a friend calls me up, says there is a Groupon to try CrossFit, and I say oh what the hell lets do it. I’ve been obsessed ever since, there’s no way I could work out any other way. The efficient, constantly varied work outs had me sold! No more boring cardio marathons. Incorporating weights changed my body in ways I had always dreamed of and my work outs took me half the time that they did before. I fully drank the kool-aid and followed a strict paleo diet and felt great. At the end of 2012 I decided I wanted to try my hand at a bikini/fitness competition so in 2013 I competed at Tri-Fitness. Using a zone/paleo diet along with CrossFit I leaned down and ended up placing 1st in my age group. At the end of 2013 I became pregnant with my oldest, Lennon. I knew I wanted to stay fit to be the best mom I could be from day one so I CrossFit through my entire pregnancy with some guidance from Britney as she had just done it. Funny enough I somehow qualified as an alternate to our Regionals team at 6 months pregnant. Maintaining my exercise routine helped me get back into shape fairly quickly after Lennon, as did my new way of eating, which was back to a Standard American Diet but this time instead of Zone I was counting macros. It was the best I’d ever felt, and the best my body had ever looked. Imagine that…a BETTER body than pre img_1033baby?! Absolutely. I credit that to staying fit and active during and after my pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard sometimes. Actually it was hard MOST of the time. Working out pregnant SUCKS, trying to “bounce back” SUCKS. Lets be honest here. But I knew I wanted to be healthy, I wanted my baby to be healthy, and I wanted to set a good example for my daughter. At the end of 2016 I became pregnant with my second, Ellie, again CrossFitting through my entire pregancy. Again it was hard, most days it sucked, but it was worth it for a healthy pregnancy and baby. These days I’m back to counting macros, Lennon is doing CrossFit Kids, and I’m sure Ellie will one day too. I LOVE that being active is what will be their “normal.” I’m so looking forward to working alongside Brit in helping all of you mamas in any way we can!


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