Sunday Highlights

The lifestyle section on our blog is separated out between Christy and myself, we figured this is where you will get to know us best. This is the section where we get real, open up about our lives, share our mom stories and how we balance our crazy busy lives, or what I like to say is our circus of a life.

Sunday nights for me is when I go over the highlight real. I reflect back on the week, look at the gazillion photos I probably have on my phone of the kiddos, it’s when I sit back and thank my lucky stars for the circus of a life that I have. A typical day for us is an early morning wake-up for me (5am) to workout, shower and get ready for work, wake the girls and get them dressed, head downstairs for breakfast, breakfast for all, depending on the day (the hubby and I alternate) I do two drop-offs, Hailey is in pre-school and Peyton is at daycare, head to work, leave at 4, meet the hubby and kids at Hailey’s Jiu-jitsu lesson, head to the gym for a possible second session, home to start dinner, bath girls, then eat dinner, and head to bed. I think i’m tired just saying it lol. We are a family with no set schedule, it’s constantly changing depending on work, my house is a disaster, i’ve given up on cleaning during the week, laundry is hardly ever folded, and I am very very dependent on coffee to keep me going. But, we make it work. Our nights often look like this at the end of the day, and that makes it all worth it. 🙂


When you first find out you’re having a baby everyone tells you how hard it is, but also how amazing it is. I’m pretty sure everyone agrees it’ll be hard, and everyone agrees that of course i’ll love them, they’re MY kid. No one explains it well enough though, you don’t really know or understand until they arrive, then it’s game over. They’re the best, most exhausting, joyful, patience testing, heart warming, crazy, joyous little human beings. So if you have a baby on the way or already have little munchkins running around, enjoy every single moment!



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