My Mom Life 

My crazies.
This is the section of our blog where each of us will post about day to day life each week. Mom life. Mom struggles. Mom rants. And anout what it’s like to stay fit when your kids don’t sleep or eat or listen or cut you a break because they’re wild little free birds that just want to boss you around and make you cry in a corner until daddy gets home. 

If you read Brit’s first lifestyle post, you’ll find that our lives are pretty different, which we hope is a benefit to you in finding one of us you can relate to in your mommyfitness journey. Brit is a working mom who juggles life and fitness like the tiny buff boss she is. I am a stay at home mom who is trying to juggle life and fitness and stay alive until bedtime. 

Our days are pretty routine driven, we wake up before any normal human should, I chase the 3 year old around with a healthy breakfast for awhile before giving in and just letting her have Veggie Straws for breakfast so she doesn’t die. Three days a week she goes to pre school for three hours which gives me some time alone to snuggle my almost 4 month old who spends most of her days hanging on to me for dear life hoping I don’t drop her while I chase the wild one around. We have a daily quiet time in the afternoons for Len (the 3 year old) to rest a bit, well its really for me to rest let’s be honest here, but I spend that time cleaning up or playing with or nursing the baby (Ellie) so rest just doesn’t happen. Then it’s time for fitting in a work out at the gym, or outside in the garage if I can’t get to the gym. Then it’s dinner time, bath time, all hell breaks loose time, then sweet, sweet bedtime. 

Mom life is HARD. Maintaining a fitness routine and healthy diet while doing it all is HARD. But we make it work! I wouldn’t want my life any other way. Hopefully my daily struggles and wins will help you on your journey as well 🙂 

~ Christy 


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