Happy Weekend!


Our littles tryin to get their wod on 🙂

Saturday, September 9th, 2017


5 rounds:

20 pull-ups

30 push-ups

40 sit-ups

50 air squats

Rest 3:00 between rounds


1st trimester:

Can be left as is.

2nd trimester: 

-Pull-ups– ring rows or seated pull-ups to a barbell

-Push-ups–put ab-mats under your thighs to give you gap, do incline push-ups to a bench, or you can use parallets to give you more space.

-sit-ups–knee tucks or 1 minute plank hold

-air squats as is.

3rd trimester: 

*same modifications as above, scale as needed to feel comfortable. Another recommendation is that when you get farther along instead of doing it “for time” make everything an amrap. Give yourself a set working time and stick to that, see how far you get.



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