9/11 “Always Remembered”

This workout is a remembrance wod for 9/11. We get all of our workouts from CompTrain and follow their individual programming so make sure to check them out!


“Always Remembered”

2001m row “buy-in”

Then 4rds:

9 rope climbs

11 bear complexes 135/95

“cash-out”-2977m row

*This can be done solo or with a partner splitting reps.

*bear complex= 1 power clean+1 front squat+1 push-press+1 back squat+1 push-press


1st trimester:

-no modifications outside of scaling weight.

2nd/3rd trimester:

-9 rope mods found on the Movement Modifications page. Usually it’s 3:1 ratio but I’d keep it 1:1 since it’s a long workout.

-scale weight or use DBs at a light weight.

-another option is to make it an amrap instead of “for time”. Give your self a 30-40min max working time.



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