I don’t know how she does it.

Have y’all see the movie “I don’t know how she does it”? Starring Sarah Jessica Parker? Ok well if you haven’t, you need to. I feel like this is the story of my life and probably every other mom out there. Hilarious movie about juggling work with mommy-hood and everything else in life. Cracks me up! But no joke, this was my life this week. One scene from the movie her and her husband are just laying down to bed, within seconds her husband is asleep and she starts “making her list”, you know, the one you make in your head of all the things you need to do, get done, or have to have ready for tomorrow. For example here was mine for last week:

-pack sheets and blanket for pre-school drop off.

-don’t forget the bag of school supplies for Hailey, oh and still need a box of tissues and a magic eraser.

-pack Hailey’s lunch, figure out the girls outfits-what’s the weather going to be like?

-don’t forget Hailey’s jiu-jitsu uniform and extra clothes for underneath.

-pack snacks for both girls, Peyton is a munch mouth and you know she’ll “starve” if you don’t bring anything with you.

-don’t forget you have a chiropractic appointment tomorrow that was pushed back in time.

-suit shopping for Ryan after the chiropractic appointment.

-1/2 iron man for Ryan this week, start planning now for what to bring.

Do you have one of these? I do this every night and this list was just for Monday night! Also, side note, does everyone else’s husband also fall asleep in seconds?? What’s up with that?!

So with the crazy busy week, I actually managed great! I don’t know how I did it, but I’m not gonna lie, I rocked it! At least until Saturday lol. Saturday my husband Ryan, did a 1/2 iron man. He’s never done one before, never even done a triathlon before, but decided this was what he wanted, so he did. And he did great! Now if you haven’t been to “watch” one before, just a heads up there really isn’t anything to see except their transitions from swim to bike, bike to run, and finish. His race started at 7am and typically these things last a minimum of 5hrs. So instead of dragging the girls out at 7am, I decided to wait until he was transitioning from bike to run, putting us there some time around 10:00. So of course I fell asleep before I could get my alarm set, happens usually 50% of the time. Luckily I woke up just before 7, which was still plenty of time since he wouldn’t be transitioning until about 11am. My goal was to be there by 10, that way I wouldn’t be rushed with parking and getting the girls situated. Plenty of time, I just had to make sure I left the house by 9. Ryan also texted me to bring bug spray, said they were horrific there. The girls didn’t wake up until 8am which worked out perfectly! I was able to get showered, ready, make breakfast and pack everything we needed that day. Long story short here, we didn’t get out the door until after 9, we had to stop by the store for bug spray since we didn’t have any and that took some time. I was so frantic by the time we arrived since we were running so far behind, worried we were going to miss his transition. Already having thoughts on how I was the worst wife ever.

We had a friend there cheering Ryan on from the beginning of the day, we also think of him as the girls uncle. Located him, got settled with the stroller, gave Peyton some snacks and right about then Hailey says she has to go potty. Seriously?? Me:  Right now? You have to go right now?? Can you hold it for just a couple of minutes sweetie? Hailey: Nooo. She continues: Mommy I have to go, I have to go potty! Me: Ok, ok. Looking around trying to figure out what to do. The port-a-potties are all the way on the other side of the event, and I know as soon as we leave he’ll ride up and we’ll miss it. Ugh! While I’m quickly trying to assess the situation she’s still repeating “I have to go potty, mommy I have to go potty!” but now in a more desperate voice. Me: Ok fine, let’s go but we have to be super quick!” I reach into my bag to grab out wipes, thinking we will just go over to the big set of bushes that are right by us. Uncle can watch Peyton and keep an eye out for Ryan, no problem. So I grab the wipes and realize they’re all wet. WTF? Why are these all wet? What spilled? My travel mug, filled with 10oz of delicious-ness coffee, broke. So the entire cup was dumped out in my giant sized lulu bag. Seriously?? Why is this happening and now of all times?! I can’t just leave it, so I start emptying out the bad, wiping everything down with baby wipes and then I poured out the coffee. Yes, I actually took my bag and poured out the coffee. While all of this is happening Hailey is walking hug circles around us because she has to go so bad. So I grab her, take her in the bushes and let her pee. And boy did she have to go, poor thing. As I wiping her up, mind you I took everything off from the waste down to avoid an accident, uncle yells: Brit, he’s comin! Oh crap! So I grab Hailey, buck-ass naked from the waste down, run out, set her down behind the stroller just in time to see him ride in. It’s one of those moments you really feel like you should star in a movie. It would have been hilarious to watch!

After that it was a waiting game, he still had to run a 1/2 marathon. What’d we do to kill time? I worked out. 🙂 I wasn’t able to do it before we left so I figured why not? You don’t need a bunch of equipment to get a good workout in. Here’s what I did:

5 rounds:

20 air squats

20 sit-ups

20 jump lunges

20 push-ups

I’m pretty sure all the spectators thought I was crazy. But that’s okay, I needed to get my workout in and I wasn’t going to have time later. I have the video up on instagram if you wanna check it out. Peyton really wasn’t havin it either so she joined in on some of the movements and fun. Doing this definitely helped me keep my sanity. Also, how could I not be motivated by all of stud athletes around? The other thing that made my life easier and kept my sanity was out our stroller. Weird I know, how can a stroller help so much? Well it’s the best stroller out there. However I did forget the extra seat, BUT it’s still worked just like a charm. Our stroller is a double,

Our phil&ted

but not a side by side double. It’s a phil&ted putting the second seat behind and underneath the front seat. Seriously awesome. The top seat lays down as well, so the girls were able to lay down and take a nap. Or in our case, Peyton was able to crawl all over Hailey while she tried to nap. It’s kind of like a jogger too, feels like it, able to go through the grass and whatever else with ease. I couldn’t imagine having to handle that day without something to lug everything and everyone around in!

So here we are, it’s Sunday night and we made it. Another week, another weekend gone too fast, gearing up for the week ahead! I hope all of you have a wonderful week! May you have all the coffee and do all the things!


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