Week 1!

So first I have a disclaimer: if this post, or any of my others for that matter, ever seem scattered or jumbled or weird or like I have no ability to write a fluid paragraph, it’s because I write each post in multiple sittings, none of which are remotely calm or conducive to a well thought out narrative. The first part of this post I wrote on my phone while waiting in my car for my 3 year old to get out of preschool while my 4 month old intermittently cried and needed a pacifier put back in her mouth. Then I continued to write it later on my phone with one hand while dangling a toy above my 4 month old to play with with the other and the 3 year old sitting in my lap. And now I’m finishing it with a sleeping baby in my lap and one eye open because I’m so damn tired I can’t see straight. I’d stay up after the kids were in bed and do it all at once but my baby wakes up a zillion times a night so I need to sleep as soon as possible after they do or I’d be dead. Literally. I’m like hanging on by a thread over here. Where am I? What day is it? What am I writing?  


Anyway here we are….One week down, a bunch to go! But it’s ok. It’s fine. I’m fine. I love dieting. *insert eyeroll*

Dieting being the absolute worst thing ever aside, this week went really well, especially compared to how slack I’d been the past few weeks with my eating. I was always going off the chain, tracking macros diligently all day and then going HAM on all the food every night, especially on weekends. This week, with knowing I’d have to post about my week here on the blog, I was back to my good ol’ disciplined self. I knew she was in there hiding somewhere…under all the cake and ice cream and stolen goldfish crackers. 

I got my 5 work outs in, which I’ve been pretty strict about since starting back up in the gym after having Ellie. Sticking to my macros really helped my work outs…more energy, and I felt stronger and faster. Oh look another upside to not eating like shit! Surprise surprise. 

I did give myself one night this week, however, where I didn’t track and just enjoyed myself. I plan to do that each week to keep myself on track and sane. Also because you gotta live! I’m not prepping for anything where I’m on a set time schedule to look or perform a certain way by a certain time so I gotta throw in a “free” meal every week. It’s a controlled “free” through….I eat sensibly during the day, high protein, low fat and carb, and then for dinner/dessert I just enjoy myself. Mostly likely what I’m eating at dinner and for dessert is higher fat and carb and lower in protein that what I usually choose, hence why I eat mostly protein during the day. 

1 week progress. 3.5 months post partum vs. today.

Above are my week 1 progress pics. I really don’t like weekly pics and prefer monthly comparisons because it’s hard to see progress and can be discouraging, but small progress is still progess! I sent these pics to Brit and she assured me she saw less shadows in places so I was on the right track. That’s a true friend right there. 😉

I’m looking forward to continuing on this next week. Sticking to macros, 5 work outs minimum, 1 “controlled” free evening. 

And now I’m going to bed so I don’t die.



2 thoughts on “Week 1!

  1. This is awesome y’all!! I’ve never calculated macros (and let’s be real, right now I’m not calculating anything other than the tip when I order pizza 🤣🤣🤣), when you started counting macros how did you figure out what you needed?


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