Lettuce Wraps!

Need an extremely easy, quick idea for dinner?! It doesn’t get much easier than this! I am all about makin life easier and preparing dinners that really have little preparing at all! During the week days we’re pretty lucky if we’re sitting down to eat by 8pm. Therefore the less work the better and the faster it’s prepared, that’s the best! So here it is, a ridiculously easy version of PF Changs lettuce wraps!



2lb ground chicken breast

1 bag of hearts of romaine

1 8oz can of water chestnuts.

2 stalks of green onion

1 bag of lettuce wrap sauce-lee kum


1 bag of cauliflower rice for the side


1. Take one large pan and throw your ground chicken in. Cook it on medium heat until it’s full cooked through. Drain the excess fat.

2. While waiting for the chicken to cook, chop your green onions into slices, and dice your chestnuts if they didn’t already come that way. Also take this time to either wash your lettuce if you’re doing full wraps or rinse and chop your lettuce for a lettuce wrap bowl.

3. Chicken is done, you’ve drained the excess fat. Now toss in the full can of water chestnuts. Bring the stove down to low/medium and let cook for about 3 minutes.

4. Add in your sauce. This sauce you can find anywhere, it’s usually in the international section. If you want a thicker result, get 2 bags and drizzle a little over the top when you’re done!

5. After mixing the sauce, making sure it spreads evenly, add your green onions and give it a quick mix and you’re all set!

I made myself a lettuce wrap bowl instead of the lettuce wrap by itself-too messy for me. Here is my final 🙂


The cauliflower I added for more substance. These big bags you can find at Costco and then inside the big bag are 4 separate serving sizes. Throw it on the stove with a setting to mid/high and cook for about 5 minutes and that’s ready to go too!!


Not too bad! If you still need a little something extra, grab some egg rolls from the store and you’ll be all set!




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