Week 2 Update! 

This week was a little experiment. 

If you read my update last week, week 1 of the post baby body journey I started was good. I saw some progress, stuck to my numbers and work outs, etc. But, I didn’t mention a couple things I experienced that I wasn’t too thrilled about. After thinking about it I realized, HELLO moms are reading this blog someone might benefit from this info!

So here I am…filling you guys in.

What I didn’t share was:

1. I’m nursing my 4 month old 

2. That’s a total diet game changer 

3. I was starvinggggg

4. My supply dropped 

Number 3 and 4 are not ok! As most of you may know, cutting calories while nursing can cause a supply drop, as can dehydration, exercise, etc. So far I’ve had no supply issues from exercising if I stay hydrated and am not actively “cutting” or dieting. When I started cutting and dieting while nursing my oldest she was already eight months old so it was a lot less demanding than it is with a four monther. So, this was my first experience with doing both…exercising and dieting….while nursing extra full time (Ellie nurses every two hours around the clock…even through the night. I’m basically a ghost.) You’re already burning up to an extra 500 calories a day while nursing so the extra deficit can makes things get a little crazy if you don’t take that into consideration. Which I did when I got my numbers, but clearly my body wasn’t havin it.

I pump every morning and noticed last week I was pumping a little less and less. Not a crazy amount less, but any supply dip is not okay with me as feeding Ellie is more important to me than abs right now. I don’t want to play with fire and continue to dip and run into problems. So, this week I upped my numbers to maintenance macros to experiment and see how my supply would respond. Thankfully it went back to where it was. Whew.

Ellie’s glad.

I’m still hungry, but when you’re nursing that’s just the name of the game. I’m not ravenous though like last week. And I still lost almost a pound this week regardless of not being in a caloric deficit with my macros. Score! Slow and steady wins the race so I’m totally fine with eating more food, feeling less hungry, keeping my supply safe, and losing extra slowly. 

I didn’t do pics this week but will start back up next Wednesday with the picture updates. I’m curious to see if maintenance macros can still help me lean out while nursing and maintaining my supply. Theoretically it should, since nursing is already causing a caloric deficit. So far so good!

Stay tuned next week 🙂



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