Monday, September 25


Amprap x 15

55 power snatch 95/65

55 pull-ups

35 cal bike

55 handstand push-ups


1st trimester-

-If handstand push-ups make you feel nauseous then you can sit on the ground and do strict db should press-keep your hands facing inwards throughout the entire movement.

2nd/3rd trimester-

-Instead of power snatches you can move to hang power snatch, alternating db snatch, or kettle bell swings.

-pull-ups can be done from a seated position to a bar on a rack, making it a more strict movement. The other option would be to do a ring row.

-calorie bike can be left as is or scaled back in reps.

-HSPUs can be modified the same as the 1st trimester, from a seated position doing a strict shoulder press.





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