Wednesday, Oct 4th!

Hailey and her monkey bag 🙂

She’s so cute! I remember when I was young and flying was so exciting and such an adventure! We are traveling this week so keep a look out for some “at home workouts” because I will be modifying a lot this week!

On a 3:00 timer complete the following, x 4 rounds

20/15 cal row

15 barbell facing burpees

max push-press in remaining time 135/95


2nd/3rd trimester

-18/15 cal assault bike or 200m run

-regular burpees w/abmats stacked or air squat +push-up against the wall.

-DB push-press

*as you get further along you may move slower ( I started moving slow around 15 weeks lol) you may want to consider changing the format to a 12min amrap, same rep scheme but change the push-press to a set 10 reps.


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