Saturday, 10/21

Teams of 3: 

100 cal assault bike

100 box jump overs 24/20

100 thrusters 95/65

100 chest to bar pull-ups

100 thrusters 95/65

100 box jump overs

100 cal assault bike


2nd/3rd trimester

-100 cal row or 1000m run

-box step overs, box step-ups, or plate step ups (stack plates to a comfortable height).

-DB thrusters 20/25lbs, front squats, goblet squats or air squats.

-regular pull-ups, modified pull-ups to a barbell on a squat rack (these are done from a seated position and the barbell is set to wrist height when arms are extended overhead), or ring rows.

**If you don’t have a team of three and are only doing it with one partner scaled the reps to 66 total of each, if you’re doing it solo scale the reps to 33 of each movement. Make sure to rest as much as you need to and be able to carry on a conversation during your workout.



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