Saturday, 10/28




Amrap x 30

500m Row

400m run

3 round of “cindy”

**1 round of cindy= 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats


2nd/3rd trimester

-If you uncomfortable running and don’t have a bike you can just do a 750m row, or if you if you do have a bike I would sub the run for 25/15 cal bike.

-Mods for Cindy:

-modified pull-ups from the ground using a bar and a squat rack from the seated position or the same but using rings, other option would be ring rows.

-push-ups can be done from your knees, you can stack ab-mats and create a space, you can do them using paralletts, or against the wall.

**I would also recommend reducing the time to 20 minutes or do the 30 minutes but with a partner.



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