Saturday 11/4


This workout is done on a running clock…

Starting at 0:00..

80/60 calorie row

on the 10:00… 

3 rounds:

10 power snatch 135/95

10 bar muscle ups

on the 20:00…

80/60 cal row

on the 30:00….

3 rounds:

10 thrusters 155/105

10 burpee box jumps 30/24

on the 40:00….

80/60 cal row

on the 50:00…

3 rounds:

10 power clean and jerks 175/115

10 ring muscle ups



*First off…yuck! This thing looks terrible! lol.

Scaling options no matter what trimester, I would start by reducing the amount of work:

-60/40 cal row

-reduce the weight for all movements:

-snatches -65lbs instead,  Alt. movement=hang power snatch or db snatch 25-35lbs

-clean and jerks-95lbs instead, Alt. movement= hang C&J or db c&J 25lbs

-Muscle ups:

-pull-ups or a mod for pull-ups=seated or rings rows

-Box Jumps

-reduce the height, step-ups or a combo




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