Mom Fail

Have you ever had one of those moments you felt like you just completely failed as a mom? I had one of those moments on Halloween.

I remember when I was younger, long before kids, I always told myself that I was going to be the “hip” mom. I was never going to be out of style, I was always going to up with the times and know all the slang, listen to the cool music etc. I’m now 31, have two kids and reality has hit me. A couple years ago I came to terms with that fact that I may not listen to the “cool” music as much anymore and I have NO CLUE when it comes to the lingo the kids use these days lol. The fact that I used “lingo” instead of “slang” should tell you something in itself. BUT I have been determined to make everything an “experience” for my girls, for me it’s about building memories. This brings me to my story…

A couple of weeks leading up to Halloween, Hailey’s school put out sign-up sheets for volunteers for the parade. With a couple of weeks notice it was no problem for me to make arrangements to leave work and attend. I was super excited too because I missed her last field trip. The Thursday or Friday before Halloween we got emails sent out confirming volunteering for the parade, it gave us directions and times for the day, and then it mentioned where to park and how they were excited to see our trunks decorated. Now I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, so when they mentioned trunks I had no clue what they were talking about. So I emailed back, “can you elaborate on the trunk part”. The response made it clear we were going to be decorating our trunks and that the parade was for the kids to “trick-or-treat” to each car wearing their costumes. They said decorations didn’t need to be anything big, and nothing scary. Cool, got it. That weekend I went to Target and found some string lights and a bat garland, figured I’d bring some pumpkins with me and i’d be all set.

The morning of the parade I was running late so my husband dropped the girls off. When I headed to Hailey’s school later I realized I forgot the pumpkins too, but figured it was no big deal, they said nothing big. Right? Wrong. I was SO wrong. I pulled up and suddenly realized I failed. I failed big! These moms went ALL out!! I had no idea this was a real thing! I almost turned around and went back to work. I contemplated emailing and saying “i’m sorry something came up and I couldn’t make it”. And I would have had no shame in doing that, except Hailey was so excited that I was coming to her school that morning and I really didn’t want to let her down.

Never have I ever been so embarrassed. I popped open my trunk, hung my sad little set of lights and garland and stood proud in my witch hat. When the kiddos came out they were so excited about the cars and my little munchkin was just so happy to see me, her mom. Definitely made the fail not feel as bad. Let me tell you though, this well NEVER happen again. Challenge accepted. Next year I plan to be the best trunk around lol. And I know sometimes people can over exaggerate so let me show you. 🙂

Here is my car…


Here are the cool moms….


Yeah they were pretty awesome. Never again. Lesson learned. Haha! Any other moms out there feel my pain?


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