12 Days of Christmas!

Usually it’s a rest day, but doing a “12 Days of Christmas” wod is fun! So do it today, tomorrow or have a rest day!! Merry Christmas!!



“12 Days of Christmas”

*just like the song!

1 clean and jerk 155/105


3 wall balls

4 box jumps

5 pull-ups

6 DL 155/105

7 KB swings 24/16kg

8 air squats

9 push-ups

10 T2B

11 burpees

12 Front squats 155/105



2nd/3rd trimester

-hang PC&J, DB clean and jerk

-DB shoulder press

-step ups vs box jumps or lower the height to stacked plates.

-jumping pull-ups/pull-ups to a barbell from seated or ring rows

-Sumo DL or use a KB for sumo DL

-stack mats for push-ups to create a belly space/push-ups using parallettes/ push-ups against the wall.

-knee tucks/abmat situps/plank hold-30 sec

-burpees w abmat/air squat +push-up against the wall

-DB vs barbell






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