Monday, 2/5/18

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Weighted C2B pull-ups


Weighted Dips



1 mile for time



2nd/3rd trimester

*for this workout today, don’t do weighted (you’re already weighted) but focus on form and change the sets/reps to 5 sets of 3 reps in a strict form. For both C2B and dips.

*If you unable to do strict c2b do regular pull-ups, if unable to do those do them from a seated position to racked barbell, down from there is ring rows. Keep it 5 sets of 3reps.

*If you are unable to do strict ring dips, switch to bars, down from there would be to use parallettes or boxes-assisted by using your legs. Same thing, do 5 sets of 3reps.

-1 mile run/jog or 1600m on the rower.


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