Week 2 Update! 

This week was a little experiment. 

If you read my update last week, week 1 of the post baby body journey I started was good. I saw some progress, stuck to my numbers and work outs, etc. But, I didn’t mention a couple things I experienced that I wasn’t too thrilled about. After thinking about it I realized, HELLO moms are reading this blog someone might benefit from this info!

So here I am…filling you guys in.

What I didn’t share was:

1. I’m nursing my 4 month old 

2. That’s a total diet game changer 

3. I was starvinggggg

4. My supply dropped 

Number 3 and 4 are not ok! As most of you may know, cutting calories while nursing can cause a supply drop, as can dehydration, exercise, etc. So far I’ve had no supply issues from exercising if I stay hydrated and am not actively “cutting” or dieting. When I started cutting and dieting while nursing my oldest she was already eight months old so it was a lot less demanding than it is with a four monther. So, this was my first experience with doing both…exercising and dieting….while nursing extra full time (Ellie nurses every two hours around the clock…even through the night. I’m basically a ghost.) You’re already burning up to an extra 500 calories a day while nursing so the extra deficit can makes things get a little crazy if you don’t take that into consideration. Which I did when I got my numbers, but clearly my body wasn’t havin it.

I pump every morning and noticed last week I was pumping a little less and less. Not a crazy amount less, but any supply dip is not okay with me as feeding Ellie is more important to me than abs right now. I don’t want to play with fire and continue to dip and run into problems. So, this week I upped my numbers to maintenance macros to experiment and see how my supply would respond. Thankfully it went back to where it was. Whew.

Ellie’s glad.

I’m still hungry, but when you’re nursing that’s just the name of the game. I’m not ravenous though like last week. And I still lost almost a pound this week regardless of not being in a caloric deficit with my macros. Score! Slow and steady wins the race so I’m totally fine with eating more food, feeling less hungry, keeping my supply safe, and losing extra slowly. 

I didn’t do pics this week but will start back up next Wednesday with the picture updates. I’m curious to see if maintenance macros can still help me lean out while nursing and maintaining my supply. Theoretically it should, since nursing is already causing a caloric deficit. So far so good!

Stay tuned next week 🙂



Week 1!

So first I have a disclaimer: if this post, or any of my others for that matter, ever seem scattered or jumbled or weird or like I have no ability to write a fluid paragraph, it’s because I write each post in multiple sittings, none of which are remotely calm or conducive to a well thought out narrative. The first part of this post I wrote on my phone while waiting in my car for my 3 year old to get out of preschool while my 4 month old intermittently cried and needed a pacifier put back in her mouth. Then I continued to write it later on my phone with one hand while dangling a toy above my 4 month old to play with with the other and the 3 year old sitting in my lap. And now I’m finishing it with a sleeping baby in my lap and one eye open because I’m so damn tired I can’t see straight. I’d stay up after the kids were in bed and do it all at once but my baby wakes up a zillion times a night so I need to sleep as soon as possible after they do or I’d be dead. Literally. I’m like hanging on by a thread over here. Where am I? What day is it? What am I writing?  


Anyway here we are….One week down, a bunch to go! But it’s ok. It’s fine. I’m fine. I love dieting. *insert eyeroll*

Dieting being the absolute worst thing ever aside, this week went really well, especially compared to how slack I’d been the past few weeks with my eating. I was always going off the chain, tracking macros diligently all day and then going HAM on all the food every night, especially on weekends. This week, with knowing I’d have to post about my week here on the blog, I was back to my good ol’ disciplined self. I knew she was in there hiding somewhere…under all the cake and ice cream and stolen goldfish crackers. 

I got my 5 work outs in, which I’ve been pretty strict about since starting back up in the gym after having Ellie. Sticking to my macros really helped my work outs…more energy, and I felt stronger and faster. Oh look another upside to not eating like shit! Surprise surprise. 

I did give myself one night this week, however, where I didn’t track and just enjoyed myself. I plan to do that each week to keep myself on track and sane. Also because you gotta live! I’m not prepping for anything where I’m on a set time schedule to look or perform a certain way by a certain time so I gotta throw in a “free” meal every week. It’s a controlled “free” through….I eat sensibly during the day, high protein, low fat and carb, and then for dinner/dessert I just enjoy myself. Mostly likely what I’m eating at dinner and for dessert is higher fat and carb and lower in protein that what I usually choose, hence why I eat mostly protein during the day. 

1 week progress. 3.5 months post partum vs. today.

Above are my week 1 progress pics. I really don’t like weekly pics and prefer monthly comparisons because it’s hard to see progress and can be discouraging, but small progress is still progess! I sent these pics to Brit and she assured me she saw less shadows in places so I was on the right track. That’s a true friend right there. 😉

I’m looking forward to continuing on this next week. Sticking to macros, 5 work outs minimum, 1 “controlled” free evening. 

And now I’m going to bed so I don’t die.


My Post Baby Body Journey Begins

…not eat 74 Goldfish crackers everytime I give my daughter some.
Well, here I am. 3 1/2 months post partum. At this point with my first daughter, Lennon, I wasn’t even beginning to think about getting back in shape. It was a rocky experience mentally with her post partum and I didn’t end up kicking it into full gear until she was about 7 months old. By the time she was 10 months I had achieved the best body I’d ever had through macro counting and consistent work outs. This time around with Ellie it has been a lot easier physically, mentally, and emotionally. (I like to think it’s just because I’m such a badass pro-mom now but I know that has little to do with it and every post partum experience is different.) So, things have gotten started a little sooner in terms of getting this post baby body back in line.


10 months post partum with Lennon.

 I started easing back into work outs after I had Ellie when I was 2 weeks post partum. Just easy rows and slow and controlled low impact body weight exercises at home. At a month post partum I was back in the gym doing my regular work outs just scaling back to lighter weights. Today I’m back up to using the same weights I did pre-pregnancy, my cardio level is almost back to where it was, and strength is getting there. I work out no less than 5 days a week. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far in terms of getting back into the gym. But, I’m not proud of how slack I’ve been with my nutrition. 

I’ve been counting macros since one month post partum but it’s been really loose. Loose as in I’ll do great during the week with being strict and consistent, but then the weekend comes and I bathe in baths full of pizza and ice cream and chips and cereal and all the deliciousness. GET IT TOGETHER, CHRISTY. That’s what I tell myself every Sunday night…that I’ll start fresh on Monday and do better this time. And I do…until Friday rolls around again and I’m rolling around again in all the snacks and desserts. Hunger is definitely an issue for me since I’m nursing and if you have or are nursing you know that you’re a ravenous monster a lot of the time. So that’s definitely something to keep in mind while counting macros…I keep a very close eye on my milk supply and hunger levels, and keep the well being of my daughter above my need to diet.

This is all your fault, Ellie.  You’re lucky you’re cute.

So all that brings me to this. I need accountability, so I’m going public. My journey is going to be available for all to see. I’m going to stick to my macros, stick to my minimum 5 work outs a week, and get my butt in gear. But, I’m going to be realistic. I’m going to have a “free meal” once a week that I don’t track, just enjoy. You gotta live! I’m going to update here in my Lifestyle section of the blog every Wednesday with how my week went, the ups, the downs, the wins, and the “try better next” weeks. I’m also going to post weekly progress pics because nothing will keep the shit food out of your mouth more than knowing you’re gonna have to post up a half naked pic of yourself on the internet for people to see.

So here’s where I am so far (pic below). This is one month post partum through this morning. Clearly after the first couple months I was slacking on my nutrition because progress was minimal. I was working out consistently but very little control with my eating. But minimal progress is still progress! I have to learn to not be so hard on myself as I’m sure many of you do as well. Mom life is hard and we have to give ourselves some grace!  

I invite you to come along with me and see that the struggle is REAL but DOABLE (especially when you’re not sleeping, you’re a milk cow, and your 3 year old is a Tasmanian devil in sassy pants on speed) and that you’re not alone in your journey, or won’t be alone when your journey starts. If I can do it, trust me, you can too. If you’re currently on your post partum journey or are wanting to get started, I’d love for you to join me and start today. Along with my weekly rundown here on the blog on Wednesdays I’ll also be posting something on our Instagram account, mommyfit21159, so you can comment there about how your week went, ask questions, gripe and complain, pat yourself on the back, etc.


My Mom Life 

My crazies.
This is the section of our blog where each of us will post about day to day life each week. Mom life. Mom struggles. Mom rants. And anout what it’s like to stay fit when your kids don’t sleep or eat or listen or cut you a break because they’re wild little free birds that just want to boss you around and make you cry in a corner until daddy gets home. 

If you read Brit’s first lifestyle post, you’ll find that our lives are pretty different, which we hope is a benefit to you in finding one of us you can relate to in your mommyfitness journey. Brit is a working mom who juggles life and fitness like the tiny buff boss she is. I am a stay at home mom who is trying to juggle life and fitness and stay alive until bedtime. 

Our days are pretty routine driven, we wake up before any normal human should, I chase the 3 year old around with a healthy breakfast for awhile before giving in and just letting her have Veggie Straws for breakfast so she doesn’t die. Three days a week she goes to pre school for three hours which gives me some time alone to snuggle my almost 4 month old who spends most of her days hanging on to me for dear life hoping I don’t drop her while I chase the wild one around. We have a daily quiet time in the afternoons for Len (the 3 year old) to rest a bit, well its really for me to rest let’s be honest here, but I spend that time cleaning up or playing with or nursing the baby (Ellie) so rest just doesn’t happen. Then it’s time for fitting in a work out at the gym, or outside in the garage if I can’t get to the gym. Then it’s dinner time, bath time, all hell breaks loose time, then sweet, sweet bedtime. 

Mom life is HARD. Maintaining a fitness routine and healthy diet while doing it all is HARD. But we make it work! I wouldn’t want my life any other way. Hopefully my daily struggles and wins will help you on your journey as well 🙂 

~ Christy