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Tuesday, 4/10/18

CrossFit Kids, aren’t they the cutest?!


Tabata C2B pull-ups

rest 1 min

Tabata sit-ups

rest 1 min

Tabata seated shoulder press 75/55lbs

rest 1 min

Tabata hip extensions

rest 1 min

Tabata jumping back squats 75/55lbs

 *tabata is 20 sec or work, 10 sec of rest for 8 rounds.


2nd/3rd trimester

-regular pull-ups/jumping pull-ups/seated pull-ups to a barbell set up on a rack.

-knee tucks/Plank holds

-DB shoulder press

-good mornings with a barbell/stiff leg DL-light

-goblet squats/air squats-not jumping